Christmas is Coming! Musical Christmas Cards


Hey everyone, Here is another Christmas card idea using a range of different media but with the common theme of the Music score as the background. One of my friends gave me an old music book that she had picked up in a second hand store – and not because I am very musical but because she knew I liked using old music in my craft projects! Thanks Tanya!


It’s only a thin book and I knew I would run out of this awesome paper real quick. So I thought rather than use the actual sheets of music (which are way to precious!) I decided to photocopying them and use the photocopies – they almost look the same!!. It may not be quite as authentic but it means I could make a heap more cards!!


Here is what I used to decorate the cards. You can buy lots of great Christmas craft supplies at those cheap variety stores, like Variety 1, Choice, Bargains Plus etc. That is where I purchased most of this


A definite embellishment that always works on cards is buttons. I think I bought these at Spotlight. You can buy them in packets of red/green especially for Christmas themed projects


Anything glittery is always a winner, especially at Christmas time. You can purchase rhinestones of all shaped, colours and sizes from craft stores, K-Mart and cheap discount stores.


Gift tags are also handy for card projects. Again you can purchase these in all sorts of shapes and sizes from a range of sources – I’d go try the cheap, discount stores first!


And just to add that finishing touch a bit of twine, string or raffia always does the trick. Purchased at the usual places!


Now how do you make them?

I like the raw, ripped edge for the music background to give the cards that raw/rustic look. You can just cut yours with a scissors if you’d rather. To keep the pieces even sizes use a ruler to help you with the measuring and ripping. The measurements given are for a standard size card (I bought mine from K-Mart). You may need to adjust if your cards are a different size.

First rip a thin strip from one side of the photocopied sheet


Measure in from ripped edge at top an bottom of sheet – 9 and 1/2 cm and mark with a pencil


Using ruler rip the page in half lining up ruler with pencil marks


Measure 9 and 1/2cm from middle on top and bottom and mark with a pencil


Using ruler, line up pencil marks and gently rip along edge


Now you have 2 pieces with ripped long edges


Using ruler rip a small strip off the top edge of both pieces


Measure from top ripped edge about 13 and 1/2cm and mark and rip using ruler as a guide



Do the same for the second piece. Measure 13 and 1/2cm from ripped edge and rip off strip from bottom edge


Repeat for other half so that you have 4 pieces all the same size


Glue these onto the front of your cards


Spray cards with gold and/or silver paint.  You can make your own spray paint by mixing some paint with a little water and using small pump bottle to spray the paint. I used paint already in pump bottles which you can buy from K-Mart. The music paper will bubble up a bit because of the moisture but this should flatten as it dries. If it doesn’t flatten out altogether don’t worry too much as this just adds to the rustic/raw look.

I use a small pedestal fan to quicken the drying process.


Now it’s time for the embellishing. I just used my glue gun to attach the tags, motifs, wooden shapes, rhinestones, buttons etc. You can use double sided to if you want. Here are some sample cards to inspire you.






Baby Owl/ Bird Wall Hanging

This is a cute, unique gift for the new baby. Just add the blue or pink fabric depending one whether you are making it for a new baby girl or boy. These ones are made with a natural coloured homespun or calico with a few scraps of quilters cotton for the wings/eyes. But you can make the birds/owls from any kind of patterned fabric you like to make them really funky. You can purchase and download my pattern if you need to.

They are pretty easy to make but watch this space because I’ve got an idea to make them even simpler. This simpler option would be great for those who don’t like to use the sewing machine.

Anyway here is how you make the owl hanging. Don’t worry, if you like the bird I’ve posted them together but on separate posts just so the posts don’t get too long. Continue reading “Baby Owl/ Bird Wall Hanging”

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Cards, Cards, Cards! Mixes Media with Machine Stitching – Part 4

I love making cards!

I love it because you can make them as easy or as complicated as you like depending on the time you have, the material you have and how creative you want to be.

Here are my mixed media range. I have used recycled and hand made papers, some die cut shapes and embellished the card with stamps and some machine sewing.

Please feel free to be inspired by my ideas. If you don’t have the time or materials to make your own you can purchase these cards and more on my Etsy Store

All cards are individually handmade and designed by me. These are a one of a kind!