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Christmas is Coming! Fabric Angel

This is a simple Christmas craft that is fun to do on your own or with a group of craft enthusiasts. A great decoration for around the house or a unique Christmas gift for a special friend.

Here is what you will need – fabric (natural homespun or calico), Christmas fabrics, stuffing, buttons, assorted ribbon, wool, batting, blush and a fine art line. Most of this you can purchase at Spotlight or Lincraft.


Download my pattern to make a template out of paper or plastic sheeting. You will need a template for the angel body and wings


Double the fabric by folding the natural homespun or calico in half and ironing flat. Draw around angel body template with erasable fabric pen


Pin to hold 2 layers together


Sew carefully along line with sewing machine. Leave bottom edge open


Carefully cut along sewn edge leaving about a 1/2cm seam allowance


Turn angel body right side out.


Gently stuff body with fibre fill until it is quite firm. I have a stuffing tool which is quite handy but you can use a blunt, thin object to help (large knitting needles, end of large paint brush etc)


Fill body to the desired firmness.


Stitch along bottom edge with a running stitch


When you have stitched all the way around pull thread gently to gather bottom edge together. Close opening and secure gathers with a few stitches.


Cut 2 pieces of your chosen Christmas fabric – a large piece 35cm x 9 cm and a smaller piece 25cm x 6cm.


With the larger piece, evenly stitch a running stitch along one long edge from one end to the other, leaving a tail of thread at each end.


Gently pull the threads at each end to gather the fabric to form skirt.


Place on angel body and tie the two ends together so that skirt is firmly held around doll. See photos for placement. If skirt is not holding in place securely just dab a bit of glue at back to hold in place



Using the wing template as a guide cut out 2 pieces of contrast Christmas fabric leaving plenty of room around template. Use a piece of this fabric to cut out a piece of batting the same size.


Trace around the wing template onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces with an erasable fabric pen


Place the fabric with wings pattern onto the other piece of fabric right sides together. Then place 2 layers on top of batting


Pin and sew carefully along line with sewing machine. No need to leave an opening.


Cut out leaving a 1/2cm seam allowance around sewing line.


Pinch and rub double layer of fabric to separate layers and cut a small hole in top layer only, in the middle area of the wings. Gently snip up the middle of the wings. See photos below



Turn wings right side out through the hole using a blunt, thin object to help with pushing out edges.

Iron edges and seams flat


Top stitch along edge all the way around the wings


Now to make arms. Fold smaller piece of Christmas fabric in half, wrong sided together and iron. Stitch along long edge and also stitch one short edge. Leave one side open.


Use a thin object like a large knitting needle to turn right side out. Check out this YouTube video for a technique for turning very narrow tubes right sides out.



Iron flat


Tie a knot about half way along the strip


Cut a thin piece of ribbon about 25-30cm long


Fold in half and tie a knot at the end


It is now time to start gluing the pieces together.


With glue gun attach looped ribbon to back of angel. Position at top of skirt, attaching the ribbon at the knot.

Now attach the arms so that they are positioned on top of skirt and knot is at centre front. Glue in position at top of skirt back, using glue gun. See photo below.


Your angel should look something like this


Now attach the wings but running glue along the opening and placing in position on the back of the angel in central position



To make the hair, wind wool around your fingers about 4-5 times. Cut.


Cut another piece of wool about 10cm long


Tie this extra piece around the middle of looped wool. Trim excess


Glue to top of angel body with glue gun


Tie a bow with thicker ribbon. Trim


Glue to front top of skirt and add a button.


Draw the face onto the angel body with a fine art line. See pattern sheet for some ideas

Apply blush to cheeks with cotton bud


Your Angel is now complete. Have fun


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Christmas is Coming! – Beaded Crystal Angel

Hey everyone,

Here is a great craft to do with a group of people. All the beads, wire etc is included in this handy kit. There is enough to make 6 angels. I purchased these from Ebay and they are a bit expensive but if you do them in a group you can share the cost.


This is the list of materials included in the kit


Instructions are simple and easy to follow


You will need to provide scissors, small pairs of pliers and craft glue to complete the angel. Some gold/silver ribbon or string is also needed to make a loop it you want to hang the angel as a decoration



If you are planning to do this craft in a group I found that separating the beads and putting them into small containers made it easier for participants.


The finished product is really cool

I have taught this craft in a small group on a number of occasions and the participants always enjoy the making and are really impressed with the finished result


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Bird/ Owl Wall Hanging Part 2

Here are the instructions for the Bird Hanging. It is very simple just like the owl but there are some differences so here are some step by step instructions to help you out. If you need a pattern you can purchase and download mine.

Make your templates using my pattern or your own with plastic sheeting or card board. You will need 2 pattern pieces for the body and the wing

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Simple Pom Pom Flag Bunting

Hello everyone,

Here us a another simple sewing craft from my Craft Room with a Pattern to Download if you need it. A great way to add some decoration for a special celebration or just to brighten up one of the kids rooms. The style and look you want to create is only limited by your imagination. I have kept to a bright, floral theme but you could pick a more pastel palette to decorate for a baby shower or baby room.


So here is what you need – a range of fabrics, Pom Pom garland and some twine. You will also need a sewing machine and scissors.

Here are the instructions on how you make the flags:

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Craft Inspired by K-Mart, Part 6 – Origami Flowers in Terracotta Pots

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Hello again. Another craft inspired by craft supplies purchased only at K-Mart. This idea features one of my favourite crafts of all time – origami flowers. I have mentioned these in a previous post. They are so simple to make and look so effective.

These are the supplies you will need – all purchased at K-Mart in the craft department – 5x Designer Paper Pads, Mini Terracotta Pots, Beads Kit, Set of Colour Pencils, Washi Tape and a Bag of White Stones (you will find these in the Home Wares section). You will also need scissors, PVA Glue and a glue gun (you can also buy all these items at K-Mart)


This is how you make this project… Continue reading “Craft Inspired by K-Mart, Part 6 – Origami Flowers in Terracotta Pots”

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Simple Water Colour Painting – ‘Flowers’

Hi everyone,

I really felt like painting the other day so I got out my watercolours and watercolour paper pad and had a go.

I thought flowers would be cheery subject and so I stuck to that theme for the next few hours and came up with these creations. With flowers you really don’t need to come up with new ideas – you can find inspiration from others peoples artwork or from nature itself.

The different shapes and colours of flowers is endless. I found my inspiration from a folk art book that I found online but you can find ideas from all sorts of places – greeting cards, gift wrapping, kids books, art books, fabrics – flowers appear as a decorating feature on lots of things, you just need to look around! I

I have made cards from my creations that are for sale on my Etsy Store.

Here is how I made my creations… Continue reading “Simple Water Colour Painting – ‘Flowers’”

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Dyed Muslin and Lace – ‘Favour Bags’

I purchased some muslin bags the other day from Kmart. They were cute but plain and I thought they needed some embellishing to make them a bit prettier. I came up with the idea of dying them with the dye from Kmart which you can read all about in a previous post. But then I thought what if the occasion you need them for doesn’t really suit the bright colours. The bright ones would be good for a kids birthday party but would not really be suitable for giving to guests at a wedding. And what about Mother’s day or Grandmas’ 70th! I came up with something a little more neutral and natural but still really pretty!

Here is how I did it… Continue reading “Dyed Muslin and Lace – ‘Favour Bags’”

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Hippy Bunting – Simple Sewing with the Overlocker

This is a great craft if you have an overlocker. I purchased one late last year from ALDI for a good price. Its a Janome so I think it was a good buy. I’m not really a clothes sewer so I’m always on the look out for crafty ideas where I can use my new toy!

With bunting being so popular but also so fiddly to make I started to play around with the idea of trying to make it with my overlocker. With sewing and cutting happening at the same time I thought that trying it this way would cut out a few of the time consuming steps. This project is also a great way to get rid of all those scraps of material you don’t know what to do with.

So this is how I made this bunting, ‘overlocker style’. Continue reading “Hippy Bunting – Simple Sewing with the Overlocker”

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Craft Inspired by Kmart – Part 5, Happy Kmart Felt Bunting!

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

This is an easy decorating idea, again inspired by products I found only at Kmart. Great decoration idea for Birthday Parties. All materials purchase at one store so there is no running around looking for all the bits and pieces. Simple and colourful to brighten up any celebration!

This is what you will need:


Step 1 – cut up the felt into the bunting triangles. Use the measurements given Continue reading “Craft Inspired by Kmart – Part 5, Happy Kmart Felt Bunting!”

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Crafts Inspired by Kmart – Part 4, Ombre Dip-Dyed Muslin Bags

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Another easy craft inspired by the craft section at Kmart!! Here is what you need:


The first step is to wash the ‘Muslin Bags’. I just hand washed them in the sink with a bit of washing powder. Rinse the soap out thoroughly and Continue reading “Crafts Inspired by Kmart – Part 4, Ombre Dip-Dyed Muslin Bags”

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Crafts Inspired by K-Mart, Part 2 – It’s Party Time!!

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Here it is! – another crafty idea inspired by the K-Mart. This time I have used my ideas to help you decorate for a simple party. Can be adapted to suit any kind of party, birthday, baby shower etc. All you need can be found in the K-Mart store i.e. paper bags, place cards, tags, string, printed tape (craft dept), bulldog clips (stationary) and wooden plates and cutlery (party).

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Watch this Space! Easter Project 2017

My daughter found this great Easter Craft on Facebook. She especially liked the paper mache eggs filled with small chocolate eggs. Check it out:

She was so excited about giving it ago we had to go straight to the supermarket to buy the chocolate eggs and water balloons.  I even had to rearrange my craft room and make room for her on my craft table so that she could make them as soon as we got home.

Here are some photos of the progress. Stay posted to see the end product. She is making a whole bunch of them to give away to friends and family this Easter. Go Kate!

DSC_0127DSC_0130DSC_0131DSC_01262017-04-09 18.25.02DSC_0132DSC_0129[1]