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Christmas is Coming! Organza/Tulle Christmas Peg Angels

Hi  everyone! This is a repeat from last year but it is such a simple, and fantastic craft idea I just have to repeat it.

A quick and easy craft to decorate the tree or give away as a stocking filler. Great to do together with a craft group.

This is what you will need: some wooden old fashioned pegs, white paint, ribbons, glitter paper, Bomboniere/favour circles with gold/silver trim, white plastic lollipop sticks and thin wool. Most of these things can be purchased at a craft shop or those cheap variety stores (Variety One, Choice etc). The bomboniere circles are a little bit harder to find – I bought mine at Lincraft. They are made of either tulle or organza.


If you haven’t got time to go shopping I have kits for sale. Just contact me via the contacts page if you are interested in purchasing them.  The best thing about the kits is that some of the steps are done for you – the pegs come already painted and the wing template is are already traced onto the glitter card.

Here are the step by step photo instructions to show you how to make them:

Paint the bottom (the ‘legs’ only) of the wooden peg with white paint. Put aside to dry.


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Christmas is Coming! Fabric Angel

This is a simple Christmas craft that is fun to do on your own or with a group of craft enthusiasts. A great decoration for around the house or a unique Christmas gift for a special friend.

Here is what you will need – fabric (natural homespun or calico), Christmas fabrics, stuffing, buttons, assorted ribbon, wool, batting, blush and a fine art line. Most of this you can purchase at Spotlight or Lincraft.


Download my pattern to make a template out of paper or plastic sheeting. You will need a template for the angel body and wings


Double the fabric by folding the natural homespun or calico in half and ironing flat. Draw around angel body template with erasable fabric pen


Pin to hold 2 layers together


Sew carefully along line with sewing machine. Leave bottom edge open


Carefully cut along sewn edge leaving about a 1/2cm seam allowance


Turn angel body right side out.


Gently stuff body with fibre fill until it is quite firm. I have a stuffing tool which is quite handy but you can use a blunt, thin object to help (large knitting needles, end of large paint brush etc)


Fill body to the desired firmness.


Stitch along bottom edge with a running stitch


When you have stitched all the way around pull thread gently to gather bottom edge together. Close opening and secure gathers with a few stitches.


Cut 2 pieces of your chosen Christmas fabric – a large piece 35cm x 9 cm and a smaller piece 25cm x 6cm.


With the larger piece, evenly stitch a running stitch along one long edge from one end to the other, leaving a tail of thread at each end.


Gently pull the threads at each end to gather the fabric to form skirt.


Place on angel body and tie the two ends together so that skirt is firmly held around doll. See photos for placement. If skirt is not holding in place securely just dab a bit of glue at back to hold in place



Using the wing template as a guide cut out 2 pieces of contrast Christmas fabric leaving plenty of room around template. Use a piece of this fabric to cut out a piece of batting the same size.


Trace around the wing template onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces with an erasable fabric pen


Place the fabric with wings pattern onto the other piece of fabric right sides together. Then place 2 layers on top of batting


Pin and sew carefully along line with sewing machine. No need to leave an opening.


Cut out leaving a 1/2cm seam allowance around sewing line.


Pinch and rub double layer of fabric to separate layers and cut a small hole in top layer only, in the middle area of the wings. Gently snip up the middle of the wings. See photos below



Turn wings right side out through the hole using a blunt, thin object to help with pushing out edges.

Iron edges and seams flat


Top stitch along edge all the way around the wings


Now to make arms. Fold smaller piece of Christmas fabric in half, wrong sided together and iron. Stitch along long edge and also stitch one short edge. Leave one side open.


Use a thin object like a large knitting needle to turn right side out. Check out this YouTube video for a technique for turning very narrow tubes right sides out.



Iron flat


Tie a knot about half way along the strip


Cut a thin piece of ribbon about 25-30cm long


Fold in half and tie a knot at the end


It is now time to start gluing the pieces together.


With glue gun attach looped ribbon to back of angel. Position at top of skirt, attaching the ribbon at the knot.

Now attach the arms so that they are positioned on top of skirt and knot is at centre front. Glue in position at top of skirt back, using glue gun. See photo below.


Your angel should look something like this


Now attach the wings but running glue along the opening and placing in position on the back of the angel in central position



To make the hair, wind wool around your fingers about 4-5 times. Cut.


Cut another piece of wool about 10cm long


Tie this extra piece around the middle of looped wool. Trim excess


Glue to top of angel body with glue gun


Tie a bow with thicker ribbon. Trim


Glue to front top of skirt and add a button.


Draw the face onto the angel body with a fine art line. See pattern sheet for some ideas

Apply blush to cheeks with cotton bud


Your Angel is now complete. Have fun


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Cristmas is Coming! Homemade Christmas Stocking

Here is a simple machine sewing craft you can complete in a few hours or less. I just purchased some fat flat bundles from Spotlight for this project. The Christmas fabrics are so beautiful it was hard to choose. You will also need some felt and large rick rack to embellish


Download my pattern and make a template out of paper or template plastic. The pattern is in 2 parts so you will need to attach the 2 peices together with tape along the dotted line as indicated.


Using your stocking pattern as a guide cut out a rectangular piece of fabric with plenty of room around your template. Cut out 2 pieces of felt the same size


Place your fabrics in this order – felt, fabric, felt (the fabric is sandwiched between the 2 peices of felt)


Draw around the pattern accurately with an erasable fabric marker


Pin layers together


Machine sew along line all the way around stocking leaving top open


Cut away excess fabric leaving about 1/2 cm seam allowance.


Attach rick rack to top of stocking about 2 and 1/2cm from top edge, pinning in place all the way around. Pin seam flat against single felt back (see picture below)



Machine stitch rick rack in place with matching cotton


Cut another piece of rick rack about 20cm long


Fold in half and pin raw edges in place along side seam of stocking about 6cm from top edge. See picture below to check placement. Stitch in place with sewing machine




Turn stocking right side out and fold over top edge. Iron seams flat. Be careful that you don’t scorch the felt with the iron.


Your stocking is now ready to fill with presents and hang up! Use different fabrics and rick rack to make a differnt one for each family member. Have fun!




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Christmas is Coming! The Easiest K -Mart Christmas Cards ever, Part 3

These cards have got to be the easiest and quickest cards to make. All the supplies and equipment you need you can find exclusively at K-Mart.

Here is what you need. You will find everything in the K-Mart craft department. The double sided tape is from the Stationary Department.

With the paint pump bottles spray the cards carefully with paint. Make sure you have a good drop sheet to help protect everything else in your work area from the over spray. Don’t worry if the spray looks uneven or there are some bigger splatters here and there as the finished effect will look fine. The cards will curl a little because of the moisture but they should flatten out as they dry. If you are impatient like me use a small desk fan to quicken up the drying process

Tear out a piece of green card from the Textured Cardstock pack. Evenly rip a strip of card down one side – discard the first ripped piece with the straight edge. Rip another piece as evenly as you can to form a long piece with a the ripped, raw edge on both sides. I made my strips about 1 and 1/2cm wide, but you can make yours thinner if you want.

Using the card as a guide rip off a piece almost as wide as the card. Rip another piece slightly smaller than the first and keep going until you have 5 pieces that gradually diminish in length to form the triangular tree shape as shown below.

Place strips evenly in place on your card. Stick each ripped piece onto the card one at a time with double sided tape, starting with botton strip

Embellish with gold or silver rhinestones

Your card is now complete. How simple was that and they look so cool! Have fun!

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Christmas is Coming! ‘FFB’ Christmas Tote Gift Bag

Hello everyone. Here is another repeat idea from a previous blog but with a Christmas theme. I just can’t resist all the beautiful Christmas fabrics that come out at this time of year!


The ‘FFB’ (Fat Flat Bundle) as they are often called in stores is made up of 5 or 6 pieces of fabric each measuring around 45cm x 55cm. Measurements will vary – some will be 50cm x 54xm others 49cm x 52cm, however it doesn’t matter for this project, you will just end up with slightly different size bags.

They are not only easy to make but can be very useful. I like the idea of using them to ‘wrap’ a gift instead of using wrapping paper.The bag can then be used by the recipient to carry and store their new gift. Much more useful, innovative and eco friendly than using wrapping paper. You could use it to wrap your unique, homemade baby gift this Christmas. Here are some examples



Here is how you make them. First you need to choose your fabric – try and choose fabrics where the patterns are facing all directions, so you don’t need to worry about them being the right way up on your finished product.

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Christmas is Coming! K-Mart Christmas Cards Part 2

Hey Everyone! Here is another Christmas card idea made exclusively with craft suppliers from K-Mart. Its so easy as well as being affordable!

This is what you will need  – all of it can be purchased from the Craft Department at K-Mart except for the Washi tape which you will find in the stationary area.



Here is how you wake them:

With the gold paint pump bottles spray the cards carefully with paint. Make sure you have a good drop sheet to help protect everything else in your work area from the over spray. Don’t worry if the spray looks uneven or there are some bigger splatters here and there as the finished effect will look fine. The cards will curl a little because of the moisture but they should flatten out as they dry. If you are impatient like me use a small desk fan to quicken up the drying process


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Christmas is Coming! – Christmas Baby Bib

Hey everyone! This is a really simple machine sewing project for beginners sewers but also a great, quick and easy project for the more experienced sewers out there. Makes a great Christmas gift tor the new baby! This is a repeat on a previous blog but with a Christmas theme! I just love all the beautiful fabrics you can get at this time of year!!


They don’t need much fabric so I have used up a lot of my quilting scraps for this project. The backing is made of toweling so it makes them nice and soft and absorbent. You can purchase this on the roll at Spotlight or any fabric store, however I just purchased some cheap towels from the supermarket or department stores. If you use a darker colour they wont show up stains as easy. I just bought these at Spotlight the other day. They will often have out of season towels on sale

You will need a piece of cotton fabric and toweling ~25cm x 35cm and 2 large press studs to complete this project. And of course you need the pattern – please click here to download it for free.

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Christmas is Coming! Musical Christmas Cards


Hey everyone, Here is another Christmas card idea using a range of different media but with the common theme of the Music score as the background. One of my friends gave me an old music book that she had picked up in a second hand store – and not because I am very musical but because she knew I liked using old music in my craft projects! Thanks Tanya!


It’s only a thin book and I knew I would run out of this awesome paper real quick. So I thought rather than use the actual sheets of music (which are way to precious!) I decided to photocopying them and use the photocopies – they almost look the same!!. It may not be quite as authentic but it means I could make a heap more cards!!


Here is what I used to decorate the cards. You can buy lots of great Christmas craft supplies at those cheap variety stores, like Variety 1, Choice, Bargains Plus etc. That is where I purchased most of this


A definite embellishment that always works on cards is buttons. I think I bought these at Spotlight. You can buy them in packets of red/green especially for Christmas themed projects


Anything glittery is always a winner, especially at Christmas time. You can purchase rhinestones of all shaped, colours and sizes from craft stores, K-Mart and cheap discount stores.


Gift tags are also handy for card projects. Again you can purchase these in all sorts of shapes and sizes from a range of sources – I’d go try the cheap, discount stores first!


And just to add that finishing touch a bit of twine, string or raffia always does the trick. Purchased at the usual places!


Now how do you make them?

I like the raw, ripped edge for the music background to give the cards that raw/rustic look. You can just cut yours with a scissors if you’d rather. To keep the pieces even sizes use a ruler to help you with the measuring and ripping. The measurements given are for a standard size card (I bought mine from K-Mart). You may need to adjust if your cards are a different size.

First rip a thin strip from one side of the photocopied sheet


Measure in from ripped edge at top an bottom of sheet – 9 and 1/2 cm and mark with a pencil


Using ruler rip the page in half lining up ruler with pencil marks


Measure 9 and 1/2cm from middle on top and bottom and mark with a pencil


Using ruler, line up pencil marks and gently rip along edge


Now you have 2 pieces with ripped long edges


Using ruler rip a small strip off the top edge of both pieces


Measure from top ripped edge about 13 and 1/2cm and mark and rip using ruler as a guide



Do the same for the second piece. Measure 13 and 1/2cm from ripped edge and rip off strip from bottom edge


Repeat for other half so that you have 4 pieces all the same size


Glue these onto the front of your cards


Spray cards with gold and/or silver paint.  You can make your own spray paint by mixing some paint with a little water and using small pump bottle to spray the paint. I used paint already in pump bottles which you can buy from K-Mart. The music paper will bubble up a bit because of the moisture but this should flatten as it dries. If it doesn’t flatten out altogether don’t worry too much as this just adds to the rustic/raw look.

I use a small pedestal fan to quicken the drying process.


Now it’s time for the embellishing. I just used my glue gun to attach the tags, motifs, wooden shapes, rhinestones, buttons etc. You can use double sided to if you want. Here are some sample cards to inspire you.





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Birthday Scrapbook for Photos or Messages, K-Mart Craft Part 6

Hey everyone. Here is another simple and affordable craft idea using materials and equipment purchased at K-Mart. This is a great idea to have at a Birthday Part for people to write their well wishes to the birthday boy/girl. A lot of people nowadays hire those photo booth set ups for guests to take photos of themselves at their party. This would be a great book to display all those photo! They would look great with those Polaroid pictures in them too! Or if you are not the party type you could just fill with some great photos and give it to someone on their birthday as a gift. Anyway I had a lot of fun making it!

Here is what you need. Most of the supplies can be found in the K-Mart craft department except for the Washi tape which is located in the stationary area. 95176299-e2e8-4b05-b4a2-58bca3620477


Because you are going to spray the paint onto the book front use some tape to cover the ribbon so that it doesn’t get paint on it


Carefully spray the front of the book with the gold and silver paint. Make sure you have a good cover sheet to protect everything else from the paint as there will be a bit of over spray!


Allow to dry. I use a small pedestal fan to speed up the drying process


Remove the tape


While you book is drying cut out a square sheet of paper from the ‘Designer Papers’ pad


Spray the page with the gold or silver paint. Allow to dry


Choose another page from the ‘Designer Paper’ pad and cut out a smaller square measuring 9cm x 9cm. Use a ruler or make a template if you like and draw around it


Cut out the square


Stick the number stickers in place in the middle of the small square


When the paint is dry attach the large square to the book front with double sided tape


Attach the small square in the middle of the large square with double sided tape



Now you can start decorating the inside pages with the designers papers, heart punch, stickers and Washi tape


Here are a whole heap of sample pages to help inspire you.



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Christmas is Coming! – Beaded Crystal Angel

Hey everyone,

Here is a great craft to do with a group of people. All the beads, wire etc is included in this handy kit. There is enough to make 6 angels. I purchased these from Ebay and they are a bit expensive but if you do them in a group you can share the cost.


This is the list of materials included in the kit


Instructions are simple and easy to follow


You will need to provide scissors, small pairs of pliers and craft glue to complete the angel. Some gold/silver ribbon or string is also needed to make a loop it you want to hang the angel as a decoration



If you are planning to do this craft in a group I found that separating the beads and putting them into small containers made it easier for participants.


The finished product is really cool

I have taught this craft in a small group on a number of occasions and the participants always enjoy the making and are really impressed with the finished result


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Christmas is Coming! – K-Mart, Handmade Christmas Cards

Hello everyone, It’s hard to believe it is already October and Christmas is less that 2 and a half months away. It’s time to start thinking about those handmade Christmas projects, gifts and decorations. Christmas Cards is a good place to start as you need to be organised with these so that you get them posted on time!!

Here is an easy Christmas card idea that is set to impress your fiends and family. All the materials and equipment you need you can find in K-Mart so its easy and cheap. You can come up with your own Christmas designs or download my pattern if you want.

This is what you will need  – all of it can be purchased from the Craft Department at K-Mart except for the Washi tape which you will find in the stationary area.


Here is how you wake them:

With the silver and gold paint pump bottles spray the cards carefully with paint. Make sure you have a good drop sheet to help protect everything else in your work area from the over spray. Don’t worry if the spray looks uneven or there are some bigger splatters here and there as the finished effect will look fine. The cards will curl a little because of the moisture but they should flatten out as they dry. If you are impatient like me use a small desk fan to quicken up the drying process



Using my pattern sheet trace the shapes onto some plastic sheeting, cut them out carefully


Trace around the templates onto the back of the green and/or red textured card and cut out.



You can spray the coloured card shapes if you want to or just leave them plain


Attach the Washi tape to the card placing it so that it goes over the edges and only trim neatly after it is stuck down. See photos of sample cards for ideas on placement.



Attach Christmas shape with double sided tape. See photos to check position



Embellish with rhinestones


Your card is now complete


Here are the instructions for the card with the 3 trees.

Repeat instructions for the preparing the card with the paint spray. When the paint is dry stick 3 small pieces of tape in place for the tree trunks. See photo below for placement. Don’t worry if the placement isn’t accurate.


Attach trees using double sided tape


Embellish with rhinestones


Your card is now complete


Here a some more samples to inspire you.



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Fun and Colourful Loot Bags, K-Mart Crafts Part 5

Hey everyone. Another fun and easy craft made with suppliers that are cheap and easy to find in K-Mart. A great craft to involve the kids in creating their own loot bags for their Birthday Party. Fill them with toys or wrapped lollies as a take home treat.

NOTE: Please use wrapped lollies – I’m sure the paint is non toxic but better to be safe that sorry!

Here is what you will need to make the loot bags. The Pump Paint Set and Muslin Bags you will find in the craft department at K-Mart. You will find the Wooden Beads Kit in the kids craft section near the Toy Department. You will also need some scissors and tape. And just a warning – this craft involves paint so a good drop sheet and old clothes to protect your furniture and yourself will be helpful. Especially if there are kids involved!!


This is how you make them:

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