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Fun and Colourful Loot Bags, K-Mart Crafts Part 5

Hey everyone. Another fun and easy craft made with suppliers that are cheap and easy to find in K-Mart. A great craft to involve the kids in creating their own loot bags for their Birthday Party. Fill them with toys or wrapped lollies as a take home treat.

NOTE: Please use wrapped lollies – I’m sure the paint is non toxic but better to be safe that sorry!

Here is what you will need to make the loot bags. The Pump Paint Set and Muslin Bags you will find in the craft department at K-Mart. You will find the Wooden Beads Kit in the kids craft section near the Toy Department. You will also need some scissors and tape. And just a warning – this craft involves paint so a good drop sheet and old clothes to protect your furniture and yourself will be helpful. Especially if there are kids involved!!


This is how you make them:

Lay out the 5 muslin bags on your drop sheet so that they are not overlapping each other.


Spray with one colour first until you have achieved the desire effect. Bags does not need to be evenly covered as shown below

NOTE: Please be mindful of over spray. Paint applied this way tends to go everywhere!!


Spray with another colour. You can add more colours if you wish. Too much paint may make your muslin bag a bit stiff so try not to overdo it.


Allow to dry. I use a small fan to speed up the process


Once dry turn the bags over and repeat with same colours and allow to dry


When dry untie the knot in the drawstring. Cut the frayed end off gently. Don’t cut too much off


Wind a small bit of tape around the ends so that they are bound tightly together. This makes it easier to thread the beads on.


Thread 3 beads onto the drawstring. I used the colours to match the paint but you can choose what ever colours you like.


Re-tie the knot


Repeat for all 5 bags



Now make some pink ones for the girls!


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