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‘Flat Fat Bundle’ (FFB) Draw String Gift Bag

Hello everyone. Here is another simple machine sewing idea that’s cute as well as useful. I am always attracted to all those beautiful bundles of fabric where each piece is already cut to size and you don’t have to worry about deciding on colours because all that is done for you. They are great for quilting and applique projects but also perfect for making small, easy projects like this one.

The ‘FFB’ (Fat Flat Bundle) as they are often called in stores is made up of 5 or 6 pieces of fabric each measuring around 45cm x 55cm. Measurements will vary – some will be 50cm x 54xm others 49cm x 52cm, however it doesn’t matter for this project, you will just end up with slightly different size bags.

They are not only easy to make but can be very useful. I like the idea of using them to ‘wrap’ a gift instead of using wrapping paper. The bag can then be used by the recipient to carry and store their new gift. Much more useful, innovative and eco friendly than using wrapping paper. Here are some pics of gift ideas you could use the bags for – great to hold gifts for adults, babies, boys and girls. And great to hold the gift for any occasion – birthdays, baby showers, kitchen teas, thank yous etc etc

Here is how you make them. First you need to choose your fabric – try and choose fabrics where the patterns are facing all directions, so you don’t need to worry about them being the right way up on your finished product.

Open out the FF and fold in half length ways right sides together – so that the 2 longest edges are together. Iron flat



Measure the length of the folded fabric and mark the middle with a pen/pencil


Cut along line to make 2 pieces. This will make 2 bags.


Open out one piece and fold over long edge (top) to make a 1/2cm hem. Iron flat


Stitch with sewing machine


Make a small mark with pen/pencil about 4 cm from top edge at one end.


Fold piece in half along existing fold line and stitch around 2 sides with about 6mm seam allowance. Make sure you only stitch up to mark – leaving the 4cm gap open at top



Open out top of side seam so that it lies open and flat as shown below. Iron.



Carefully stitch along seams around opening. See below


Fold over top edge to form casing. Fold over so that the edge lines up just past the end of the opening. See photos below for placement. Iron to hold in place. Pin if you need to.



Carefully stitch along edge of casing to hold in place. I just stitched along same stitching line as hem.


Turn bag right side out


Cut a piece of ribbon. Use bag to measure the length adding about 20cm extra.


Attach a safety pin to the end of the piece of ribbon


Gently push the safety pin and ribbon through the casing from one end to the other around bag3a15dc62-25ce-48f5-b0ab-0b7f68911d4ae8be88f2-d7d0-46e9-9760-7e4416b0e0c8

Tie ends together.


Your FFB bag is now complete


Now make the other half into a bag as well. You can make a lot of bags from a  one ‘FFB’ Have fun!




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