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‘Welcome Baby’ Cards – K-Mart Craft Revisited, Part 4

Another simple handmade card idea to welcome the new baby. You can find everything you need in the Craft Department at K-Mart. Come up with your own baby themed designs or you can download my pattern for three card designs for free. Thank you to my sister, Cathy who inspired me with the ‘pram’ card that she designed.

Here is what you will need to purchase to make these cards. You will also need some scissors, a glue gun and some double sided tape (the normal variety and the mounting tape which has a bit of thickness to it). See pictures below of the materials and equipment you will need.


Here are some simple step by step instructions with photographs to show you how to make them. Have fun!

Trace the shapes onto some plastic sheeting with a felt pen and carefully cut them out.


Here is how you make the pram card:

Choose a background from the 30 Patterned Papers pad. On the back measure a rectangular piece 9.5cm x 13.5cm or make a template out of card or plastic and draw around it. This is handy if you are planning to make a few as it save some time on all the measuring.


Put a few strips of double sided tape on the back of the background piece


Centre onto front of card and stick down


Choose 3 different colours from the Patterned Papers for the Pram – basket, hood and wheels. Draw around the plastic templates onto the back of the paper with a pencil. Cut them out.


Cut a piece of ribbon longer than the length of the pram


Stick some double sided tape onto one side of the ribbon


Stick in place along the top edge of the pram basket and trim off excess ribbon


Place all pieces in position on the card. Use the photo as a guide for placement.


Place some double sided mounting tape on the back of the pram basket and stick in place on card.


Use the double sided mounting tape to stick the wheels in place


Use the normal mounting tape to attach the pram hood


Use a fine art line to add details – pram handle and wheel axles


Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow. I usually don’t cut the ribbon until I have made my bow, just to make sure I have a long enough piece.




Using the glue gun attach bow.


Your card is now complete


To make the card with the booties. Repeat the steps for background and use template to cut out 2 booties. Add details with fine felt tip pen.


Measure a piece of ribbon so that it is about 2/3 the length of the card and overlaps over top edge


Stick some double sided tape on the back of the ribbon


Stick ribbon to card positioning down the centre. Trim excess ribbon


Stick normal double sided tape to the back of one booty and mounted double sided tape to the back of the other booty


Stick booty with normal double sided tape onto end of ribbon. Check photo for placement


Stick down booty with the mounting tape in position so that they overlap


Attach bow with glue gun


Repeat most of the steps again for the bodysuit card using templates. Add details on baby bodysuit with fine felt tip pen


Stick double sided mounting tape on the back of the body suit


Stick in place. Check photo for placement


Attach bow using glue gun


Here are some other colour variations to inspire you. Remember there is a free pattern to download to help you create these cute cards. Enjoy!

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