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K-Mart Crafts Revisited – Part 2

Hello everyone,

Here is another K-Mart craft using only craft supplies you can easily and cheaply buy in K-Mart. As I explained in my previous post K-Mart have made some changes in their craft department so if you find that you cannot find something that I have used please let me know.

This is another easy card project which is great to do with a group of adults or kids. The cards are very simple to make, require no previous experience or expensive equipment and you don’t even need to be crafty to make them.

So here we go. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

Here is what you will need. You can find all of these items in the Craft Department at K-Mart except for the ‘Washi Tape’ – you will find that in the Stationery Department

Here is how you make them:

Choose a paper from the ‘Designer Paper’ pad for your background. Cut a rectangular piece 9.5cm x 13.5cm. I like to use a template for this bit especially if I am planning on making a few cards. You can make one out of thick cardboard or template plastic. It’s easy then to just draw around the template instead of having to measure each time.

Cut out and stick onto card front with double sided tape

Stick Washi Tape down one side of card. I find it easier to go over the edge and then trim to fit.

Stick ‘Washi Tape’ to tag to if you want, using the same technique

Choose a sticker and place evenly onto tag. Cut piece of twine about 20cm long and attach to tag with a loop knot.

Using double sided mounting tape attach tag to card

Using the heart stamp punch 4 hearts from a contrasting coloured paper – i’d recommend the plainer black designs as the patterns aren’t too busy

Place the hearts in position on your card and stick them down one by one with double sided tape. I stuck down two opposite each other first just to get the placement even.

Your card is now finished.

There are many variations using the same materials and techniques. Here are some variations to help inspire your creative juices! Have Fun




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