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Ladybird Baby – Appliquéd Bodysuit

Hello everyone, this is a simple and quick sewing craft that makes a really cute baby gift. You can hand sew or use the sewing machine to make it an even quicker craft. I have kept to the ladybird theme but you can come up with your own simple designs. You can download my pattern if you need to for a small cost.

This is the materials that you will need: some scraps of fabric, embroidery thread, Heat n Bond Lite, and a pack of body suits. I got mine from K-Mart and they were pretty cheap for a pack of 4. You will also need fabric scissor, an embroidery needle and an iron.


This is how you make it:

Trace the shapes you need for the ladybug onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond with a pencil. Follow the dotted lines as the pieces need to overlap as shown on the pattern.


Cut them out roughly leaving some paper around the pencil edges as shown below


Iron Heat n Bond shapes onto the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen. Make sure that you lay the glue side down facing the fabric. The iron has to be fairly hot to make the glue bond to the fabric but be careful you don’t scorch the fabric


Now you can cut out the shapes accurately along the pencil lines


Gently peel off the paper layer leaving the glue layer stuck to the wrong side of the fabric.


Place the fabric pieces glue side down onto the body suit. Position them correctly so that they slightly overlap as shown on pattern sheet.


Once you are happy with the position of the pieces iron gently until the glue bonds to hold the pieces in place. Again you need a fairly hot iron but be careful that you don’t scorch the fabrics.


With a pencil or water erasable pen draw the feelers onto your ladybird


Using 3 strands of embroidery thread stitch around each piece neatly with Blanket Stitch


Stitch the feelers with Back Stitch


Stitch a French Knot on the end of each feeler


Add extra detail using Back Stitch i.e. the line dividing the wings of the ladybird


Your appliqued ladybird is now complete


Here are some close ups of the other ladybird designs just to inspire you. Click here to download the pattern for all 5 ladybirds for just $2.99




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